Our Team

Morne Coetzer

Founder / Owner

I have been asked on many occasions why my passion for Africa and its people lies so deep within my soul. The answer is simple, this is where I started my life journey, and it is where I should end it - Africa. Africa is not just a destination, it's a journey filled with experiences - diverse experiences across many different countries within this massive continent. Its people, cultures and wildlife all still operate in a strange but harmonious way that will only be understood once you have visited.

Africa gets under your skin, it consumes you. The emotions that accompany your experiences here guarantee lifelong memories. Visiting vibrant cities such as Cape Town, enjoying world-class food and wine, or just spending time gazing at a herd of elephant peacefully going about their daily existence, is something special you will only find here – Africa.

Carl Reinders


I am extremely privileged to have grown up in Africa, where throughout my life I have been exposed to a myriad of cultures and richness of experiences, which are so unique to this continent. Having the opportunity every day to share this with people from all over the world provides a huge sense of fulfilment.

My greatest satisfaction comes from the fact that our country consistently exceeds the expectations of the overwhelming majority of travellers that get to experience this magical place. The proud moment I so often feel as a South African, when hearing our clients say: "This was the best vacation of my life" is extra special. It re-affirms just how fortunate we as South Africans are to live in such a beautiful country and intensifies the desire to share its magic with others.

Jaco du Preez


I was born in Africa… and as long as I have a heartbeat, there will be African blood pumping through my veins. No other continent in the world offers more diverse cultural landscapes, wildlife and natural beauty. My passion is travel; the excitement and exhilaration I get out of an adventure is exactly how I feel about showcasing Africa to our clients.

Words at the opposite ends of a scale like "wild" and "sophisticated" in the same sentence are part of everyday African life…my daughters constantly remind me of just how blessed we are to experience this daily. As Mark Twain said "You will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do." Africa – expect the unexpected!

Natalie Bright

Sales Manager

Growing up in the Western Cape, I was blessed to spend a great deal of time outdoors. Hiking or canoeing with family and friends or taking long walks on the nearby beaches - I know it is a great blessing to have been born in South Africa. Family holidays up to Namibia, Tzaneen and the Kruger opened up my eyes to how much beauty there is in our country and beyond. After 28 years in the tourism industry, I can truly say that traveling and working in this industry opened my eyes to see how amazing our world really is.

Celeste Lloyd-Jones

Sales Director North America

I was born and raised in sunny South Africa. South Africa has been the cradle that shaped me into the unique, dynamic and fervent woman I am. Growing up on a continent rich of culture, ethnicity, with eleven official languages, beautiful landscapes, the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets, majestic animals, arts, poetry and crafts, unique music, delicious cuisine and a nation which is rich in diversity, has always made me proud. Africa will always be a place where memories are made, and deep experiences are remembered.

My passion for the tourism industry led me to my first job in Long Island New York, and over the last 20 years, I have worked in a range of Management and Sales roles at various Hospitality and Travel institutions in the USA and South Africa.

In 2018 my family and I exchanged the African sun for a life in the Land of Lincoln, Naperville Illinois, and recently moved to the Golfing Capital and Sunshine State of the USA, Florida. Representing South African owned, Pro Golf Africa Safaris, is like an extension of family and I proudly represent them fulfilling peoples dreams of travelling to the Rainbow Nation.

Michelle Goosen

Senior Consultant

I am excited about travel and proudly South African. Cape Town has always been home, but there is nothing like spreading my wings and exploring new destinations. I might not be able to play golf, but I can run a marathon and cycle the Cape Peninsula. Although hitting a few golf balls at The Links was quite a bucket list experience for me and I now understand why the sport is so addictive, but yet so frustrating at the same time.

My favorite destination, well that goes without saying, CAPE TOWN. Where else in the world can you climb a Natural Wonder, enjoy some of the world's best wines, sandy beaches, and spot the occasional whale. All within a mere 30km radius. Call me biased, but who am I? I am SOUTH AFRICAN!

Rina Erasmus

Senior Consultant

Many years ago, I had the privilege of living in the Lowveld where I worked in remote destinations at luxurious lodges. Days filled with the sun beating down on the landscape and later rewarding you with the most spectacular sunsets. The ever-changing environments and witnessing the raw beauty of the animal kingdom.

Now living the dream in the Mother City, wind in my hair and sand in my toes. I have realized that Africa and especially the Southern part has my heart. Travelers from all over searching for the adventures that we live. To see our mountains, to smell our rain and to explore our world. Knowing this makes my soul dance.

Chad Wakefield

Senior Consultant

With 13 years' experience in the Tourism Industry, I have covered all departments in the field. From FIT to incentive groups, with time spent in car rental, transport operations, product, and marketing. With everything that I do I like to understand all aspects thereof, this gives me the tools I need to handle any task that comes my way.

There comes great satisfaction in creating and executing someone's dream holiday and this is what I pride myself in. When I am not selling and materialising dreams, I am working on myself – Gym, meditation, nature walks and working on one of my car builds. Favourite destination – Cape Town, Western Cape

Irene Engelbrecht


When I started with the company in 2015, I had no prior experience in travel and tourism. Since then, I've advanced in my role as a database administrator and bookkeeper. My ability to monitor and maintain firm databases and deliver correct, up-to-date financial information is greatly aided by my patience, attention to detail, and logical approach to work.

You can find me in the gym when I'm not at work. My love of fitness motivates me to continue living an active lifestyle. Additional interests include spending time with my daughter and sipping Chardonnay while watching a summer sunset. "Live life with no excuses, travel with no regret" – Oscar Wilde

Caitlin Charles

Travel Co-ordinator

As my mother worked in hospitality when I was growing up, I never expected to follow in her footsteps. But I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit new places and stay in 5-star hotels, which has exposed me to a world of beauty and amazing experiences. I have only recently moved into the Tourism industry, but I am confident that I will be able to spread my wings and get to experience even more adventures that the world of travel has to offer. Taking the road less travelled and making the most of South Africa's culinary delights!

Charlene Webb

Travel Co-ordinator

Born and bred in the Mother City, Cape Town. I've not done much traveling outside the borders of South Africa but there is more than enough to see locally. My favorite local Holiday destination is Pearly Beach and the Garden Route. I love nature and the peacefulness it brings to the soul; nothing beats falling asleep with the ocean as my backdrop. My ultimate Africa holiday destination would be Zanzibar, Stone Town "old town", filled with rich history and architecture.

Andrew Poole

Tour Director

An experience in South Africa with Andrew as your host and guide will leave you well educated and passionate about the history and interesting stories that relate to our country's rich culture and diversity. Andrew's love for South Africa led him to attain a diploma in Travel and Tourism management.

He is also fluent in German, a benefit from having spent some time as an exchange student in Germany. With more than 20 years experience in guiding clients from all over the world, and the fact that he loves interacting with people, Andrew adds immeasurable value to our clients’ experiences in South Africa.

Steve Sara

Tour Director

It would be difficult to find someone more passionate about showcasing our country to international visitors than Steve. As a host and guide for our clients, Steve's love for Africa is infectious, as he shares his vast knowledge and insights of the history, diverse cultures, current affairs, and places of interest in Africa.

Steve has been in the tourism industry as a guide, tour director and host for 25 years. If you have an open mind, and a sense of humour, you are bound to have an extra special experience of South Africa with Steve sharing his knowledge and love of our remarkable country.

George Meyer

Tour Director

An experience in South Africa with George as your host and guide will leave you well educated and passionate about the history and interesting stories that relate to our country's rich culture and diversity. George's love for South Africa led him to leave a successful career as a professional banker and pursue his ultimate dream of becoming an ambassador of our beautiful country.

With more than 15 years experience in guiding clients from all over the world, and a real interest in connecting with people, George adds immeasurable value to our clients’ experiences in South Africa. As an avid photographer he will also make sure that you capture the best memories to take back home with you.

Garth Johnson

Tour Director

I have always been incredibly inquisitive about my surroundings, and this has widened my knowledge base to include so many diverse interests. This culminated in my greatest discovery, the joy of sharing our world with visitors coming to Africa, especially for the first time. The passion I have for Tour Guiding has helped people make wonderful memories.

I love life and cannot wait to share it. Nothing can beat welcoming guests to our country and seeing them leave after a visit, totally enthralled and wanting to return. When I am not guiding, I enjoy being outdoors and exploring, hiking and doing soft mountain biking, aircraft and air shows and occasionally riding one of my niece's horses. I live close to the ocean and find photography to be both challenging and relaxing.